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Newborn Session Preparation Guide 

  • 24 hours before the session and if you are breast feeding your baby, please avoid anything spicy (i.e. hot sauce, pizza, etc.) that might upset your baby’s fragile tummy.

  • Please bath your newborn about 1-2 hours before your session. A nice warm 5-10-minute bath should wake them up and get them all nice and squeaky clean for their modeling debut! Don't worry if they have flaky skin, just lotion them up after their bath. Try and keep your baby awake for the hour before the session, typically the bath does the work for you!

  • Try to hold off feeding time until after the photographer has arrived. It will take 20-30 minutes for the photographer to set up. This will give you time to change your baby an outfit and feed your baby. If you are breast feeding, please consider expressing/pumping a bottle of milk, so that we can quickly get baby full and happy in between set ups. If you have never bottle fed your baby this one-time bottle feeding will get them what is called "milk drunk" because they will get lots of milk, very quickly, without much effort. This one-time optional feeding should not cause nipple confusion. However, if you choose not to bottle feed that is completely OKAY. We just ask that you be prepared to feed on demand during your session until baby have gotten his/her fill. If you are feeding formula or bottle-feeding breast milk please prepare at least 8oz of extra food. This may sound like a lot, but modeling is super hard work and babies tend to work up an appetite looking so adorable! The idea behind this VERY IMPORTANT step is to exhaust our little model, stuff them like a thanksgiving turkey, and allow them to drift off into a deep deep sleep that we only dream of!

  • Please prepare a pacifier, even if you are not using it yet. The pacifier will help soothe your baby into positions if needed. Pacifier will only be used for a few moments here and there during the session. But if you are still not comfortable using it that is also completely okay.

  • Please keep your home at around 75 degrees to keep your baby warm during the session.

  • If there are any special items that you would like photographed with your baby. Please let the photographer know at the beginning of the session. 

  • Outfit suggestions for parents: a soft neutral shirt is suggested for Dad and a soft neutral tank or blouse top for mom (white, cream, grey, brown, etc). For studio-like family portrait, if Dad is comfortable bearing his chest for a few photos that can make for some really nice images. Please avoid anything with a pattern. 

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